Learn Who We Are and What We Stand For.


Learn Who We Are and What We Stand For.

Our Story: The Power of Specialized Information Coaching

The best education is through coaching programs. Not from traditional colleges and universities.

Our founder Chris Barry attended university. He dedicated four years and over $200k to attend a prestigious university.

Millions of other young men and women made the same decision. Dedicate four years of their prime years and thousands of dollars.

Majority of these people chose this path because everyone else did it. It was the "right thing to do".

Little did they know the time and financial commitment they bound themselves to.

All this for a piece of paper that provides a decreasing amount of marginal benefit every year.

Determined to find a better way to learn and succeed, Chris searched for guidance.

That is when he stumbled upon the online coaching space. This is where industry experts share specialized knowledge on a specific topics. Chris found that he learned more from these online courses than he did at his university. Chris was able to achieve more in four months in his sales coaching program than he did in two years of university.

This experience opened Chris's mind to the power of specialized knowledge coaching courses. Chris saw thousands of others change their lives through going through coaching programs. People who the education system called failures now achieve the success that most people only dreamt of.

All this knowledge and success for a fraction of the price and time that a college education would cost.

Given these experiences, Chris started a sales agency to promote these coaching programs. He wanted more people to experience success through coaching programs.

Chris now partners with online coaches to share their expertise through coaching programs. Chris and his company Trillion Dollar Closers empower individuals to learn and succeed in their chosen field, without the burden of overwhelming debt.

Why Are We Called Trillion Dollar Closers?

We believe that sales, when done ethically and correctly, is simply a transaction of value in exchange for money. We are called Trillion Dollar Closers because we, as a company, strive to bring trillions of dollars worth of value into this world through building, selling, and scaling specialized information coaching programs.

About Us - Trillion Dollar Closers

Christopher Barry, Founder and CEO

I'm Christopher Barry and I am the founder and CEO of Trillion Dollar Closers. My goal is to help billions of people around the world live happier and healthier lives.

Here at TDC, we seek to do this by improving people's lives through selling programs, courses, or products that significantly improve the lives of another person. We do this by providing highly-trained and ethical sales professionals to help successful internet marketers, and business owners make more sales, make more money, and ultimately touch and help more people.

At Trillion Dollar Closers, our level of delivery is world-class. We ensure that every placed sales professional is a fantastic fit for the company that they work with. Additionally, we ensure that before having any client interaction that our closers (sales professionals) have the proper amount of training and knowledge about the company’s mission, the product which they are selling, and the client in which they will be serving.

Here at Trillion Dollar Closers, we do not see dollars as simply a piece of paper. We see these dollars as a symbol in an exchange of value. In an ethical business, money is exchanged for something of value. Therefore, by providing our clients with more sales, we can help bring more value to people and this world. Our name Trillion Dollar Closers, stems from this perspective as we seek to bring trillions of dollars worth of value to this world with the objective to make this world a better place.

Thank you for your trust and support in our company. We look forward to working with you to help more people and make this world a better place.

What We Help Our Clients Do

Get Consistent Sales

  • Commission-based closers provided

  • Sales scripts, frameworks provided

  • Sales farm system built

  • Sales trainings created for your business

  • CRM templates and automations

Enhance Marketing and Brand Ecosystem

  • Build an ecosystem that brings consistent leads

  • Build strong brand awareness

  • Optimize social media accounts

  • Creation of lead magnet

Create a Product People Can't Stop Buying

  • Craft an offer so good people feel stupid for saying no

  • Delivery tools to increase customer satisfaction and get your clients results

  • Create a value ladder that clients buy a product and keep buying more

  • Analytics to understand customer success

Trillion Dollar Closers

2020 N Academy Blvd, Ste 261 #2307, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909 USA

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Serving online coaches to help more people.

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